The 2019 National Youth Sports Festival will be held on 10th-11th August,2019 at Don Bosco Youth Centre in Kabwe , Central Province.

The theme for this years event is ” Working Together, We can do more.” We believe in Networking to make young people live a health life ,provide opportunities for Social- Economic Development and make them self sustainable..

The event will provide a platform for engaging the Government to be more Transparent, Accountable, and responsive to people’s needs by demanding justice and accountability on policy implementation, adoption, formulation and practice. This involves building stronger political pressure, by applying coordinated efforts of community mobilization, dialogue and engagement with Civic, policy and decision makers. By focusing on influencing changes of policies , laws and people’s attitudes and the structures , such as cultural , economic , political and social with which the people interact with and in many instances that hinder the actualization of the social economic and cultural rights of people to be masters of their own development and contribute to broadening community participation and decision making in issues relating to influence government to be more transparent and accountable. Thus by increasing advocacy for policy and legislative reforms.

The event will also accord the Young people an opportunity to show case their Sports talents,Discuss challenges that hinder their Academic, Social and Economic development, increase their understanding on the dangers of engaging in drugs, Human Rights, Child Safeguarding / Protection Policies, Gender Based Violence/ Equity, Access free HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing, Cervical Cancer Screening, Football for both U-17 Boys and Girls, Netball, Volleyball and Basketball. A number of Government Departments and Non Governmental Organizations will be on hand to provide various services and showcase the projects and programs they do and implement.

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