Kabwe District’s according to the CSO 2010 Population Census is estimated at 176,758 with the majority of the population being women and young people. Kabwe used to be a flourishing mine town but with the closure of the mines and major supporting industries has left many people out of employment.

The high levels of lead contamination , poverty, unemployment, inadequate recreation facilities, lack of enough facilities for people with disabilities , lawless has led to many Disabled People , women and Young people to engage in activities which put their lives at risk that is stealing , Teenage Pregnancies , Early marriages , contracting HIV/AIDS , Dropping out of School , Substance Abuse , STIs. Excessive beer drinking, prostitution and having multiple partners are very common among Women / Girls and Young people in Kabwe.

Although there are a number of awareness programs by the government, NGOs and the media, it has not led to the required reduction of Teenage Pregnancies , Early marriages , Gender based Violence , Adhering to Safeguarding and Protection Policies , Increasing employment opportunities amongst Women , Girls and Young people in Kabwe, it is also evident that information about HIV/AIDS on its own has not lead to people adopting behavior’s that do not lead Women , Girls and Young people contracting the virus. More efforts, therefore, need to be put into prevention programs and practical skills.


The project is located in Kabwe district, Kabwe is the capital of Central Province, CHESIZ is in the old mine area. There is an average of 260,000 inhabitants most of them live in shanty compounds like Makululu, Kamushanga, Mukobeko, Nakoli, Natuseko, C-Gate and Katondo Compound.

The proposed work is addressing the problem of Gender Inequalities , Encouraging more Disabled people in taking part in Sports activities and Management of Sports , lack of information on Cervical Cancer , Sexual Reproductive Health and lack of many Women and Girls who are participating in Sports activities and who are in Management of Sports by Increasing Disabled People , Women’s and Girls Participation , in Management of Sport amongst Disabled People , Women and Girls Whilst adhering to the Safeguarding and Protection Policies and providing Safe Spaces.

We would want to Fight Gender Inequalities, increase Participation for Disabled people in Administration and participation in Sports , Raise Awareness on Cervical Cancer, Gender and Sport, Raise Awareness on Sexual Reproductive Health, improve the Participation of Women and Girls in Sports and Management of Sports through practical empowering responses such as Capacity Building Trainings and increase the awareness of Child Safeguarding and Protection Policies amongst the Community Based Organisation, Schools and Sports Associations through out the Province.

What will be achieved during implementation period?

 Increase the understanding of Child Safeguarding and Protection Policies, Gender Equity and Equality amongst Community based Organisations, Schools and the Community.

 Reduced Teenage Pregnancies.

 Combating Early Child Marriages.

 Policy Formulations to Carter the needs of Women and Girls.

 Increased Participation of disabled people in Sports.

 Reduced cases of Cervical Cancer

 Reduce Substance abuse amongst Women and Girls.

 Improve the capacity of Disabled People , Women and Girls in Sports Management.

 Increase Participation in Sports by Women and Girls across the Province.

 Increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS, STIs among Women and Girls.

 Educate and share with Women and Girls on reproductive health and life related issues

 Equip Women and Girls with knowledge, which will help them to develop themselves and the community.

 Identify and help develop talents in Women and Girls through exposing them to different activities by the social workers at the Organisation.

 Empower Women and Girls with practical day to day skills that will enable them live more resourceful

 Help Women and Girls adopt positive attitudes and risk free behavior so that they become agents of change and positive peer pressure.

What will be achieved beyond the implementation period?

 Reduced sicknesses such HIV& AIDS.

 Reduced Sigma amongst the people with disabilities.

 Reduced cases of Cervical Cancer.

 Stopping Early Child Marriages.

 Reduced Teenage Pregnancies.

 Sustainable development in communities

 Employment creation as Women and Girls will be educated.

 More Disabled taking part in the Administration of the Sports and many more taking part in Sports activities.

 The need to uphold personal integrity and Combating match fixing and cheating.

 Increased Women and Girls Participation in Sports.

 Reduced Gender Inequalities in Sports.

 Creation of wealth through trainings

 Increased capacity in Sports Management so that can they can compete with the male folks in the management of Sports.

 Improved livelihood

Specific project objectives include

– To improve Women and Girls lives

through vocational and skills training.

– More and more Disabled People taking the leading role in the Administration of Sports.

– Many more Disabled people taking part in Sports activities.

– To improve Women and Girls health through literacy and sensitization.

– To stop Women and Girls from engaging into anti-social behaviors.

– To empower Women and Girls through skills this in turn gives them a better economic life.

– To create a platform for other organization and agencies to help the community.

– To Empower Women’s and Girls with knowledge on Safeguarding and Protection Policies and providing Safe Spaces.

– Combating Early Child Marriages.

– Combating Teenage Pregnancies through practical responses.

– Combating Substance abuse by Women and Girls.

– Reduce cases of Cervical Cancer amongst Women and Girls.

– Increased Capacity in Women and Girls in Sports Management.


The project is targeting a total of 50 Female Coaches / Administrators in Kabwe district and 10 Coaches and Disabled Administrators. The total indirect beneficiaries are expected to be 900 both Disabled and able bodies who will take part in the National Youth Sports Festival and be trained by the female Coaches through out Central Province.

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