Holidays and Weekends offer Girls ample time to relax, be with family, travel and have fun, but on the other hand, expose their young lives to different activities that could pose a threat to their well-being and future.
Some of those activities include, negative peer pressure, or engaging in risky sexual behaviour, which usually results into pregnancy and other problems such HIV/AIDS.
It is because of these imminent threats that we at CHESIZ are concerned about how Girls most especially teenage girls, are spending their Weekends and Holidays, particularly the activities they engage in, and what impact those activities have on their lives and future.
In doing so, CHESIZ has taken the initiative to enlighten teenage girls on how to keep their lives safe through teenage pregnancy awareness programmes, which is mostly done through Weekends and holiday fun activities, such as Football.
Every Weekend , At CHESIZ we use the transformative power of play to educate and empower children facing adversity, We organise events for teenage girls as a channel through which to reveal the value of games and drama in education.
Wherever we have gone to play , Men , Boys and other Women and Girls who come to watch the game, majority children are always amazed how our young girls have embraced football – a game traditionally thought to be for boys.
At the end of every Training Sessions and game, The Young Girls gather around for an interactive chat with different elders, and officials who come to watch and grace both our Trainings and come to watch the Football matches we play. They remind them that playing promotes healthy bodies and minds. But most importantly, the Girls are told about the dangers of teenage pregnancy and how to stay away from it.
Through our experience and research most young girls tend to face different social challenges, especially during the holidays and Weekends , thus educating them about teen pregnancy is a good way to assist them protect themselves.
Engaging young girls in relaxation activities such as Football is one way to remind them to spend their free time in things that build their lives, and shape their future. This helps them shun activities that might compromise their future such as drug abuse and negative peer pressure, among others,
The girls and Children are always reminded to avoid people who tempt them to engage in immoral behaviours, as well as activities that compromise their dignity, culture and future goals.
The Children are encouraged to be the ambassadors of change in the communities such as Makululu Compound , Katondo , Bwacha , Mukobeko and Nakoli Compounds in Kabwe to always say no to teen pregnancy and advocate for their fellow children in case of any abuse,
Children and Girls are always told that playing healthy games brings unity, happiness and positive energy. Football offers young people an opportunity to share good ideas, stay motivated and help each other to address their daily challenges, and thus, should be prioritised.
At CHESIZ we believe that when you educate a girl, you educate the whole family and the community in general.
Teenage pregnancy is a barrier to education, and thus educating young girls about its dangers is one way to lay a firm foundation to their Education
At CHESIZ we always organise football with an aim of sensitising community members, mainly parents and children, about prevention of teenage pregnancy in order to reduce girls’ barriers to attaining education, and keeping them safe during the holidays and Weekends.
According to Beatrice Wilima a Matron , Mother , Coach and mentor in charge of leadership and child protection at CHESIZ, when children are aware and enlightened on how to handle the challenges around them, their future and success becomes certain, and Football is one of the best ways through which to achieve this.
We teach children, most especially girls, how to handle themselves, and behave during the Weekends and holidays as a way of reminding them of the many temptations waiting to steal their future, and destruct their most valuable possessions which are self-worth and education,” Beatrice said.
She said encouraging young people to participate in productive and healthy activities during Weekends and holidays is a reminder to them that their time is important, and thus should be used to do what is right and fruitful.
“It is through Training Sessions , Friendly games , Tournaments and Festivals that we challenge girls to share their daily encounters with their parents so that parents mentor and take part in their growth, and also help them to pass through adolescence in a healthy way,

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